The Leading Cause of Discomfort

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates pain and stiffness of the joints and its associated conditions, as the leading cause of discomfort worldwide. It’s giving rise to vast healthcare costs and loss of work.

Flexadrin reduces discomfort quickly, with the additional benefits of restoring fluids, and cushioning bones and joints with long-term use. 

Flexadrin is a natural proprietary ingredient for joint mobility and health. It lubricates cell membranes throughout the body, restoring fluids that cushion bones and joints to promote flexibility and mobility.

I have had osteoarthritis for several years in my spine, left hip and knee. About 1½-2 years ago, I was made aware of Flexadrin capsules and cream. I would say both have helped me very much! The cream has really been wonderful in relieving the pain and stiffness so I can function like a human being again. I have a friend who had a very achy finger, she used the cream and within ½ hour the pain was gone and never returned!
I have been using Flexadrin capsules for 2 months now and find that the arthritis in my feet has improved significantly. I definitely have greater ease and flexibility in getting up and walking. The throbbing when I have been on my feet for an extended period, has also improved. When experiencing pain in my wrists, elbows, knees and feet, after applying Flexadrin cream the pain is relieved within 20-30 mins. This makes coping with my situation much easier, and gives me hope that with continued use I will soon be pain free. My husband has also been using Flexadrin capsules and cream at the same time, and the stiffness in his hands has improved and his shoulder pain when lying down at night has also been relieved. So both of us have benefited significantly by using Flexadrin capsules and cream! We say a big “THANK YOU” to Flexadrin for a wonderful product!!
A dictionary definition for the word Arthritis is an inflammation of the joints. This definition does little to explain what arthritis is and how it dramatically affects the life of some-one who has it. I have been an Arthritis sufferer more than 10 years. It all began in my early forties, when I often had swollen, hot, red and painful areas, mainly on my hands, feet and shoulders. The pain and stiffness would sometimes last for days, weeks or months, causing me a lot of sleepless nights. I had seen several doctors over the years for the symptoms who diagnosed tendonitis to arthritis. Even surgery was suggested. During that time I used different NSAIDS which gave me immediate pain relief, but not for the long term. Out of my own sheer interest I have studied and reserearched a lot about arthritis. Initially I focused on the right diet, as to eliminate all red meat, processed foods and citrus fruits. I increased the intake of fresh fish, steamed vegetables and salads. I exercise three time a week and keep my weight maintained. Flexadrin capsules and cream have helped my greatly with Arthritis. I must say they are the best and I tried so many. This formulation has greatly reduced the swelling in affected areas in the joints and remarkably increases my range of movement and mobility within 4 weeks of using the product. I don’t wake up anymore with pain. The joy of feeling better has prompted me to share these products with anyone who would be interested.
For the past 9 weeks I have been taking Flexadrin capsules on the advice of a sweet lady at Dischem, Somerset West. At the time of purchasing the pills I did not really think they would make such a difference to my life, but I have been most pleasantly surprised. I find that although I am not completely without a few aches and pains, generally the pain has very much diminished and my mobility has greatly improved as a result. I have been so excited at the results of Flexadrin that I am telling every-one I meet who has an arthritic pain, that they should take this supplement. My grateful thanks to Flexadrin.
I heard about Flexadrin from a friend and started taking it to relieve pain in my knees that I had been experiencing because of many years of high impact aerobics. Sometimes the pain was so bad I had difficulty going up stairs and had to hold onto the hand rail for support. After using the capsules for a month the pain has gone and has not returned. My husband has also been using the cream on his back when he has experienced pain and found he got immediate relief. This is truly a miracle product.
I wish to confirm my absolute satisfaction with the above product.I have R/A as well as osteoporosis in some joints which causes stiffness, pain and the impediment of movement. Since using the Flexadrin capsules for approximately three weeks the improvement in joint stiffness and painless movement has been astounding, it’s almost too good to be true. I will certainly continue with the capsules and also apply the cream where applicable. Thank you for a marvelous product.
In 2004 I started using Flexadrin’s cream and tablets. I had x-rays taken to see if there was any improvement. More x-rays in 2006 showed improvement. This year in June 2008 x-rays proved that both knees are free from pain.
I have been using the Flexadrin cream and taking the capsules for a little over two years. Two and a half years ago I had a bone operation on my right foot. It had a build-up of calcium and spurs between the joint of my large toe and the ball of my foot. On one of my rehab workouts, I met Derek Boosey on the Track at UC San Marles. Derek could see I was having trouble putting any weight on my right foot without severe pain. My stride looked like a modified gallop. The following workout Derek brought me some cream and told me to put it on and I would see a great improvement in reduced pain. I can truly say that I felt a degree of relief from that first day I applied it, however, it kept improving as I started using it throughout the day. Shortly after I started using the capsules between the cream and the capsules I gradually and continually improved both on and off the track. Last August 2003, I completed at the USATF Championships held at Eugene, Oregon. I had a surprisingly good meet. Won the 2000 meter steeplechase (National Record), won the 800 meter run (missed the World Record by 4 seconds) won the 1500 meter run, got second in the 400 meter run, and anchored 3 gold medal relays, 4X100, 4X400, 4X800. This past March I competed in the USATF Championships in Boston, Mass. I won the mile run and the 800 run (broke the National record by 4 seconds). I personally feel that meeting Derek and his introducing me to the Flexadrin cream and capsules, was truly a Godsend, and answer to my prayers. In two days I am flying to Decatur, I1. for the USATF championships. You can be sure I will have my cream and capsules with me.
After having two operations on my right ankle to remove calcification on the joint, from a paragliding accident in 1996, certain types of exercise/activities result in pain. Golf is one activity that results in a swollen foot and throbbing pain. Since using Flexadrin cream before and after my golf game, I am able to enjoy my golf game by walking the course and I recover from pain after each game with in 30 minutes. I have also noticed a mobility in my ankle that I did not have after my operations.
This stuff is amazing! I woke up this morning with such a stiff neck I could hardly move my head let alone lift it off the pillow. In desperation I reached for the tube of Flexdrin which just happened to be under the duvet at the bottom of the bed. Rubbed a goodly dose on and lay back listening to the news. When I was ready to get up I could hardly believe the difference in my neck! No less than amazing...better take a few tubes along for the Q4Q ride!